New video up: Sailing from the Canaries to Dakar, Senegal!


The adventure continues!

Fixing up the boat and sailing to Senegal Finally, after 1,5 years between the Canaries and Munich (for jobs and family) our family sailing adventure continues. Ponyo was waiting for Continue Reading →

Weapons on boats? (Video)


In this video Yannick bares his thoughts on weapons and boats: Do we carry weapons on Ponyo? And if yes, what weapons and how do we use them? A highly controversial topic in the sailing world, so check out the video!

Coding Resources for kids

How to help your kids learn coding and programming The search for good learning material just never ends! We are trying more and more to cater to our kids‘ interests Continue Reading →

How to prepare fresh caught fish! (Boat Cooking with Boatnotes #1)


We get asked how and what we cook left, center and right so I decided to start a cooking channel additionally to our adventure show. This is our first cooking video and I have to apologize the not ideal quality and lack of footage but to my defense: I was practically seasick the whole time while filming and cooking, yikes…

This first recipe is about how to prepare dorado/mackerel the Japanese way.

You’ll need:

Chopped Ginger and Garlic

Sake, Mirin (Japanese sweet cooking wine) and Sake for the Sauce

Starch to keep inside the juices when you stir-fry the fish

Radish, Scallions and Lime slices

Marinate the filleted and diced fish in all the ingredients (except for the starch, that will be added right before cooking) and let it marinate for as long as you want but minimum 15 minutes.

Cover in starch and stir-fry for a couple of minutes (if it’s still a little raw inside, that’s no problem).

Sprinkle with grated radish and ginger and put some slices of lime on top. Serve with rice. Yummy!

News from the PONYO crew!!


We are slowly catching up. This video is about our sail along the Spanish South coast between Alicante and Malaga, voilà!

These 3 steps will save you from seasickness

Your dream is to go off sailing but you get seasick easily? This is annoying or intimidating you? Then this post is for you! I will explain how you can Continue Reading →

Holá muchachas y muchachos! Video! Tortilla! Paella! Gazpacho!


Ok sorry for the outbreak and double sorry since those aren’t even Canadian dishes. I get a little crazy these days, so much to do!! Apart from editing videos (and organizing all the footage I’m given from all family members and various devices) there’s boat school, boat keeping, boat repairs and of course my job. I’m about to re-design my business to be more location independent right now, so instead of flying back and forth for workshops and trainings (which is also very environmentally unfriendly) I’d prefer to coach and consult from afar.

We are now back in Las Palmas after a fantastic week of sailing, snorkeling and anchoring in El Hierro, the westernmost island of the archipelago. But since we tried – AGAIN – to sail back to Las Palmas through Tenerife and Gran Canaria we encountered – AGAIN – the very strong and annoying acceleration zone with its nasty waves. PONYO did a great job but things inside broke, our main sail ripped and now the other railing broke, daaaaaaahhhhhh! So – AGAIN – instead of taking care of improvements we have to fix old things.

To give you an idea, this is our most recent to do list!

stuff we have to get done before we can go sailing again:

  • fix main sail
  • fix railing (ripped)
  • fix solar panel (cable ripped off)
  • fix stove (broke off for the umpteenth time)
  • fix table (broke off after Ric fell onto it when a biggy of a wave hit us)
  • make something to prevent stuff from falling around every which way and hitting people on the head
  • fix the outboard engine (so that we can actually use our dinghy again when anchoring)
  • make lee sails to prevent crew from falling out of their berths when heeling to starboard. It’s getting ridiculous.

stuff we have to get done before we ever leave the Canaries

  • get a new radar
  • install our wind vane that we have been chauffeuring around on our deck for 10 months now
  • new plugs and sockets
  • get wind generator (for our insatiable appetite for electricity to charge cameras, laptops and phones!!)
  • fix stairs (so no one breaks his/her rib again)
  • replace all lights with LEDs to save electricity
  • get wire baskets for our fridge so we don’t have to dig through a pile of food every time we want to get something out

And so that you have something to look at, here are a couple of photos of our trip to El Hierro! And before I forget: PONYO made up to 13,7 knots on our way from Gran Canaria to El Hierro!!!!! She’s a rocket!!!

Boatnotes Ponyo Sailing with kids

El Hierro really looks a bit like one of these new fidget spinner thingies… Here you can see our passage from the South to the North of El Hierro. Bad idea, duly noted. These acceleration zones are no joke, these lame 15nm took us 7 hours!!!!!!!!

Boatnotes Ponyo Sailing with kids

It’s a T-Rex! Or a velociraptor? The anchoring spot in the Mar de las Calmas in the South of the island is truly pristine

Boatnotes Ponyo Sailing with kids

This is the remaining half of El Hierro’s big crater. The other half broke off thousands of years ago and caused a gigantic tsunami!

Boatnotes Ponyo Sailing with kids

Yannick loves to P.O.S.E. This was in the North East of El Hierro, at the beach of Tamaduste, definitely one of our favourite spots!

Boatnotes Ponyo Sailing with kids

We finally caught a tuna!! And this is Giorgos in the back, our boat wizard from Thessaloniki who had taken such good care of PONYO. He joined us for sailing to Hierro and lashed her to her new record: 13.7 knots!!!

Boatnotes Ponyo Sailing with kids

And that tuna ended up in this delicious Japanese Sashimi salad, yummy!

Oh right, I almost forgot: our latest video about our Mallorca adventure, don’t miss it!

New video and quick update


So, we have been in the Canary Islands for the last six weeks. After arriving at tiny La Graciosa (just North of Lanzarote) we only had one night to anchor in this beautiful spot before we had to be in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to pick up friends. I have been dreaming to go back there ever since but it might be a while until that is going to happen. It’s quite a distance between Las Palmas and there and regarding the prevailing winds the direction is unfavorable. Las Palmas‘ marina is also very cheap but has everything for boat maintenance that one could hope for. The boys enjoy city life, we have internet and I can get some work done as well. The next two weeks we will be exploring the Western Canaries: El Hierro and La Palma (hello place-naming officials of Spain: could you be any less creative?? Las Palmas – the city, La Palma – the island and because that’s not confusing enough they’ve called Mallorca’s capital – you’ve guessed it – La Palma).

The Eastern Canaries (Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Graciosa) are dryer, flatter and have more active volcanism, the Western Canaries are very green, mountainous and their volcanoes haven’t been active for a loooooong time. Together with my parents – who have also visited some weeks ago – we have already visited La Gomera: Paradise!! If those 2 other little islands are anything like Gomera we are definitely in for a fantastic time. Hiking, swimming, snorkeling, diving, anchoring (well, in La Palma not so much – it’s the steepest island on the planet!!)…

However, this is our latest video about our big engine operation in December/January. With so much boat school to do, boat chores, my job and the daily madness of just getting organized and fed there’s not much time for video editing. And footage organization. No one likes footage organization, bäääääh. But the next two videos are in the making so bear I mean – bare with us!!

Read this before renting a car online (through a portal)!

Since we are traveling by boat and there is four of us, renting a car to get to inland destinations makes sense. We like public transport a lot but the Continue Reading →