This is us!

This is us!

Welcome to Boatnotes! We are a patchwork family of 4 from Germany. More about us…

This website is about how we bought an old sailboat, refitted her, traversed the Mediterranean and circumnavigated the North Atlantic 2016-19.

Find out more about our adventures, boat life hacks and boat schooling!


Boat Life (Hacks)

7 things that make cooking on a boat a challenge

7 things that make cooking on a boat a challenge

7 Things that make cooking on a boat a challenge First thing to know about me: I’m very interested in food and I enjoy cooking. I like to put thought into what to make, to experiment with new recipes and of course to eat. Traveling for me also means trying food I...

Our Adventures (Blog Posts)

Caribbean Adventures

Atlantic Crossing and Landfall in Grenada

Cape Verde

Exploring Dakar

Africa smells like, well... Africa! Amazing how distinct the smell is, we noticed it miles away from land. Together with the colours and the music the smell is definitely one of the things that made a deep impression on all of us. Except for Ric (who had spent a...

The adventure continues!

Fixing up the boat and sailing to Senegal Finally, after 1,5 years between the Canaries and Munich (for jobs and family) our family sailing adventure continues. Ponyo was waiting for us in Fuerteventura since beginning of September after we had sailed her over from...

Holá muchachas y muchachos! Video! Tortilla! Paella! Gazpacho!

Ok sorry for the outbreak and double sorry since those aren't even Canarian dishes. I get a little crazy these days, so much to do!! Apart from editing videos (and organizing all the footage I'm given from all family members and various devices) there's boat school,...

Cruising Morocco? Do it, you’ll love it!

So we sailed from Tanger to Rabat, the trip was nice, something around 30 hours and good wind half of the trip. Rabat is a little tricky to get in, the tide needs to be high so we couldn't wait for the wind to return and turned on the engine for the second half of the...

Sardinia to Africa

And we are sailing again! So our engine broke down and we had to exchange it for a new one, remember? Those almost 3 months between beginning of November and Mid-January were tough on us, financially and morally. Being stuck on an island tucked away in the South-West...

Still stuck

Someone recently said to me she thinks the universe is trying to teach me patience and lowliness („Demut“ for my German readers, I just looked it up because despite my Catholic-only-girl-monastery-school education I had no idea how to say it in English, can you...

Next chapter, finally!

After 4 weeks in Carloforte, desperately trying to organize a new engine, we could finally take the next step and move to the shipyard where the engine is going to be installed. The last week went by and we could finally relax and enjoy S.Pietro and Carloforte. We...

What about the kids? Infos about education and traveling with teens

School and boat. A manifesto

School and boat. A manifesto

FAQs and (mis)conceptions Whenever we tell other parents about our plan to take the boys out of school to go sailing the first question understandably concerns their education and their social development ("but what about school?"). Since this entire enterprise of...


Nautical Miles