We are a patchwork family of four with three boys (14, 17 and 40something) and one adult (37). Sort of. We met in Munich in 2011. Soon after we decided we wanted to take our respective kids sailing. We started to dream, plan, and save up. In 2015 we bought an old boat and started to renovate her.

After sailing from East to West through the Med and heading from Gibraltar to the Canaries, we were a little stuck in Las Palmas because of a very empty cruising kitty. After 1,5 years extensibly exploring these beautiful islands we now finally continue our adventure! We are now in the Caribbean after spending time in Senegal and Cape Verde and crossing the Atlantic beginning of 2019. Our boat is Ponyo, a sturdy Danish decksalon yacht from the 80s, that is going to be our (second) home for the years to come. What about school? And jobs? And money, are we rich? Here’s the ultra short reply: Boat schooling; working from the boat (Rike works as coach and facilitator) and no, not really but it’s JUST enough for our minimalist lifestyle! But find out more by browsing through our website 🙂

Boatnotes Sailing with kids


The Ponyo crew