We are a patchwork family of four with three boys (13, 16 and 40something) and one adult (35). Sort of. We met in Munich in 2011. Soon after we decided we wanted to take our respective kids sailing. We started to dream, plan, and save up. In 2015 we bought an old boat and started to renovate her.

We are now in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria after sailing off into our „edventure“ summer of 2016 in Greece. Our boat is Ponyo, a sturdy Danish decksalon yacht from the 80s, that is going to be our home for the years to come. We had a major boat operation in November of 2016 when we had to get a new engine for Ponyo which ate up the biggest part of our savings and slowed us down significantly but we are slowly recovering and can hopefully soon continue our sailing adventure to Japan!

Stay tuned for our videos and blogposts!

Boatnotes Sailing with kids


The Ponyo crew