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Cruising Families

We proudly announce Cruising Families, a new map-based forum to help traveling families find and connect with each other!

Are you a traveling family and are you fed up with trying to find other traveling families? Then join us! We are a bunch of sailing families who’ve had enough of searching and browsing the web, walking along pontoons and posting our locations in Facebook groups in desperate search for friends for our kids.

The biggest problem of existing forums is that they don’t stay alive for one simple reason: The users don’t update their information regularly enough to maintain the forum useful. But any forum is only as useful as the information that users post so this inevitably ends up in a downward spiral. Except: we find a way to keep the info updated. We’ve thought long and hard and came up with a solution!


Cruising Families traveling families find other traveling families with kids map where are traveling families

Easily finding other traveling families with kids – how cool would that be??

Right now we are almost done with the site but we are determined to make this forum really useful from the beginning. So we won’t launch before we have at least 1000 traveling families who have signed up beforehand.

How can I sign up?

It’s super easy! Just write a quick email to find@cruisingfamilies.info and we’ll keep you posted and send you an invitation link before we go live. And in all honesty: there’s absolutely no reason not to, there’s nothing to loose! In the unlikely even that we’re not successful, you’re contact details will be deleted. We’re not going to pass them on to anyone ever – sailor’s honor!

Love the idea, what else can I do?

Spread the word and share, share, share! We already got an amazing feedback and if every family would recruit 2 more families, we’d reach the number 1000 in no time at all. So we need you!

Let’s do this together!

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