Boating is for people with money. At least that’s the dominant impression over these last couple of days.

All those super yachts with crew and even their own helicopter that were our neighbours in the marina in Athens! So much money concentrated in such a small place, it seems so wrong. Especially if you consider that the average Greek still can’t take more than a few hundred Euro out of their bank account per week.

The marina we were staying in Athens catered specifically to super yachts and interestingly – like in another super yacht marina we had to stay in last year – the sanitary facilities weren’t maintained well. My guess is that these super yachts have no need for external sanitary facilities, so there is no impetus for the marina to take care of them.

Luxury and Extravagance: Super yachts in Athens Marina

In this one the toilet and shower doors weren’t closing, When I was showering or toiletting I had to have one hand or foot on the door to prevent it from opening, quite acrobatic.

And now this: To transit the Corinthian Canal with a 13m private sail boat we had to pay 236€. The canal measures 6km in length what makes it considerably more expensive than most other canals in the world!!


Boatnotes Ponyo Sailing with family

Canal Transit fee for a 13m sailing yacht


The Corinthian Canal

The Corinthian Canal

Maybe it’s just the Mediterranean. Actually I heard similar things about the Carribean, well. The problem is how to avoid it. If you have a boat you are automatically put in the same „there is money“–box. A night in a private marina with our boat costs easily 50€ (often a lot more) which is why we avoid them and rather stay in public ports or anchorages.

But I’ll stop whining now, we just had a couple of dolphins visit us! And that’s priceless anyway.

Our next stop is Galaxidhi in the Corinthian Golf. Unfortunately we don’t have much wind these days, it’s either very weak or coming exactly from where we want to go so we need the engine more than we would like to. Especially I hate when we have to switch it on, ahhhh!! But since we are a bit on a schedule (I have some jobs in Germany starting end of next week) we can’t wait it out.

From Galaxidhi we are planning to visit the oracle of Delphi for another history lesson for the boys. Of course we are hoping for a nice prophecy ourselves. Like „stop worrying about money. It will come to you very soon.“