We did it!

After 3 nerve wrecking weeks fixing the boat in Thessaloniki’s state marina we were finally able begin our trip!

Well, Ponyo, our boat, still isn’t all fixed up yet, but we couldn’t have stayed in Thessaloniki any longer without seriously upsetting the boys who were condemned to spend their summer holidays in a boring concrete shipyard with not much to do.

So we still have some unfinished projects that have to be done along the way. At this moment Ric is connecting wires so our solar panels can start doing their job. Which will make our life so much easier since up until now we had to turn on the boat engine almost every evening for an hour or so to charge our batteries. Which is quite noisy and not exactly environmentally friendly.

The most important thing that we are still lacking is an autopilot. So far we have been self-steering the whole time, so exhausting!! With an autopilot we can program a destination and only have to look out for other boats or things in the water every 20 minutes. But since our boat budget is already completely over-stretched….

Since we left Thessaloniki we have motor-sailed to Skopelos (Northern Sporades), were stuck there for a few days due to stormy weather, then sailed to Volos to pick up friends, sailed back to the Sporades to an uninhabited islet, sailed down to Skiros and arrived in the South of Evvia yesterday evening.

Boatnotes Ponyo Sailing with family

Night sail from Thessaloniki to Skopelos


Boatnotes Ponyo Sailing with family

Stormy weather in Skopelos


Boatnotes Ponyo Sailing with family

Skopelos without storm

We had planned for a beach day but weather – once again – had a different idea. It’s super cloudy and we can hear thunder in the distance. So board games and movies it is.

I still can’t believe what we are doing here. It still feels like regular summer holidays most of the time – maybe because school kids in South Germany have one more week before they have to go back to school. And because we are still in Greece which has been our holiday destination for some years now.

And then are these moments when it hits me. And there is this panicky feeling crawling up from my chest to my throat, together with this nasty little voice: Are you crazy?? You are quite broke already, what are you going to live of these next months? How are you going to organize your jobs (I am going to continue working as a coach for China Business) if you don’t know when you’ll be where??

Next stop will be Athens or hopefully Rafina (just outside Athens on the East Coast). In Rafina is a well-established Eco-Village with 200 families living there permanently and we would love to take the boys there.

In Athens we need to pick up some things for the boat and do a history lesson for the boys, so we are planning to stay there in the marina 3 nights but let’s see how everything turns out!



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