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Oh well. Now the radar. It hasn’t been working properly from when we bought PONYO but we were hoping that we could fix it. Well, it doesn’t look like it, we tried everything, the problem seems to be more substantial. So far it hasn’t been such a big deal, we have a passive AIS (Automated Identification System) that means we perceive a signal when there is a vessel carrying an active AIS and commercial ships are obliged to do so.

But we have already realized now that we are in Morocco that only few fishing boats seem to be using AIS which is quite annoying because you don’t really see them at night and have to zig-zag between their nets.

Plus we are near the Sahara and there can be nasty sandstorms that limit visibility at sea to a minimum.

Hence we need a radar to go on to the Cape Verde islands and the Senegal.

We have started a crowd-funding campaign and we need your support to spread the word and raise the money for a new radar, please!

Help us continue our adventure so we can keep making videos, documenting and blogging, it would mean the world to us!

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We appreciate every Euro, Dollar, Quid, Peso and Penny.

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